Amsterdam cultural and recreational attractions

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, one of the most modern cities, the city of all possibilities where everything is allowed. This is how people usually describe this city. Amsterdam has a wide range of cultural and recreational attractions. You will be able to visit here old amazing buildings such as the Old Church (Oude Kerk) as well as some oddities such as Marijuana and Hashish Amsterdam Museum. We might say that this is a city of contrasts. Museums still are the main attraction in Amsterdam. Everyone has heard of well known museums such as Rijks, Van Gogh or Stedelijk, but there are many more. Amsterdam offers a rich palette of over fifty museums which attract millions of tourists each year.

Amsterdam is the perfect place for a weekend getaway or for a longer vacation as well. The city offers plenty tourist attractions, being one of Europe’s cities full of tourist attractions. Summer is probably the most appropriate time for a visit to the Dutch capital city but its beauty can be explored in any period of the year. A modern city where you can enjoy freedoms nowhere else met in Europe – this is how the tourists looking for thrills see Amsterdam. Tourists with a sense of aesthetics and culture in terms of history, architecture and art will find many other things beloved in Amsterdam, which is, however, one of the great charms of the city – it always has something for everyone, from the most rebellious to the most good people.

One of the most visited attractions in Amsterdam is the Red District. It is also known as Walletjes and it consists of a network of alleys on which there is a large number of small rooms with women who offer their special services from behind a glass door. These rooms are usually decorated with red lights. The entire area has is an outdoor entertainment space for adults, it has many adults shows, sex shops and sex museums. In Red District you will also find lots of smoking shops.

Another important objective in Amsterdam is the Madame Tussaud Museum, almost like the one in London, the place where you can take photos with stars like Oprah Winfrey or Michael Jackson. The wax museum offers its visitors more interactivity in the Music Zone where you can sing along with your favorite stars. The museum is located in Dam Square, another important attraction in Amsterdam, being a funny and impressive museum. Amsterdam has a large number of grand hotels that stand among hundreds of buildings in the city. These are distinguished through their architecture and oldness, such as Hotel Krasnapolsky or Amstel Hotel, and through modernity like Amsterdam Hilton Hotel or Okura Hotel.

Finally, Amsterdam amazed us by the fact that it is always full of life, in its center there is always someone offering a comedy show or a talent demonstration, with many people around smiling and disconnecting from their routine. People generally seem quite happy and relaxed and the politeness does not seem imposed at all. More than that, Dutch people are very healthy because they choose cycling for locomotion. Amsterdam is for sure a must see location for any tourist.

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