Business Travel Tips

If your job requires you to be on the road frequently it can get tiring quickly. There are things to do so you don’t overload yourself. Keep cool and try to maintain your sanity. Keep the following tips in mind when traveling.

Travel with Travel Bags

Unless you will be at a 2 week conference more than 2 travel bags are not necessary. You’ll see people with a huge roller bag. If they are not one of the first few on the flight to board that bag will end up at a gate check. The same goes for you if you come on after others have loaded the overheads. Your bag may be too big to cram and you are stuck with the gate check. This means greater potential for a miserable trip if you change planes and your luggage gets lost. To alleviate this bring your briefcase that can sit in your lap. Pack all of your belongings in a travel bag that can fit under your seat and another flexible bag to fit in the overhead. Make sure there aren’t breakables in there in case you have to really jam it in there. This also saves you additional money from paying early boarding fees.

Join Loyalty Programs

You’ll find many different loyalty programs when traveling. The most popular loyalty programs are hotel programs. They offer free stays for so many nights spent, room upgrades, free late checkout, and free laundry services. You can sign up online or talk to a front desk representative. These are not only some good business travel tips but this should be used for personal travel as well.

Subscribe To Your Cellular Carriers Hotspot Service Plan

Most hotels offer included internet access. There are many times you find yourself fighting to get it to work though. To avoid wasted time sign up for your carriers hotspot service plan for your trips. If you are traveling out of the country be sure to check on any international plans they offer as well.

Keep All of Your Contacts Information on Your Phone and Written Down

In case of issues you should have your contacts information in your phone. Your phone should have an application to keep notes in. You should have your car service and hotel information. It’s a good idea to get backup’s as well so you are not wasting your time searching for other hotels or car service providers. Write the same information and keep on your persons at all times in case you lose your phone.

Set a Travel Routine

Have you ever gotten on a flight and noticed someone sleep before everyone was even seated? This person has a routine. If you are a sleeper, travel with comfortable clothes so your body will be at ease and ready to sleep. If you prefer to read, listen to music, or work put all of the necessary items in your personal bag in sections. So if you are working on your laptop or tablet keep all components such as cords and stylus next to each other. If you are a reader take all your reading materials out and place in the seat compartment before takeoff.

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