Car rental companies at Lisbon Airport

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, so it comes to no surprise that the Lisbon Airport is the main entrance into Portugal.  Stepping into the airport, you already step into a piece of history.  The airport was built during World War II and was neutral territory in the war.  Lisbon Airport was therefore used to smuggle people in and out of Europe.

To discover the rest of the history and beauty hidden in Portugal, one of the best commuting options is to make use of rental car services. The car rental industry has become very competitive and lucrative.  The best advertisement would therefore be visibility and accessibility.

There are eight top car rental companies operating on the Lisbon airport.  They are all located in the arrivals hall with staff indicating the route to the desks.  Shuttle services are also available to transport you to and from the pick-up and drop-off points.  Apply for online quotes and make your booking online to secure efficient service and a smooth travel.

The companies competing for your attention are listed below.

Europcar can be contacted at +351 218 401176 and their website is

Hertz Rental. The contact number is +351 219 426300 or visit them online at

The number for the Budget desk is +351 219 942402 and the web address is

The Avis desk is helpful as always and can be contacted at +351 289 889456 and you can book online at

The quality service of Sixt can be obtained by contacting +351 218 407926 or online at

Alamo offers affordable packages and you can enquire about it at +351 218 401163 or at

Auto Europe Rental. The number for their 24 hour helpline is +001 888 233 5555 and the web address is

Auto Jardim can be reached at +351 218 462916 and online at

Certain traffic rules apply when renting a vehicle in Lisbon.  The applicant must be over the age of 19.  If you are under the age of 25, an additional charge will be raised to cover your age liability.

Speed limits must be obeyed which will depend on the road.  Maximum limits range between 50 kph (31 mph) and 120 kph (74 mph).  Enjoy your trip and scenery, but take note of mobile phone usage.  It is illegal to talk on your mobile while driving unless you use appropriate hands-free technology. Headphones are not allowed.  The same applies to listening to music. Headphones are illegal when it is connected to a sound device such as an mp3 player, iPod or mobile phone.

Breeching the alcohol limit can result in suspension of your licence or even imprisonment or you may be banned from driving for three years.  Wear your seatbelt at all times and make sure your passengers does the same.

Be safe and responsible. You do not want to have a brush with law enforcement in a foreign country with a foreign language.  Most of all enjoy your stay and make the most of your holiday!

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