Looking for the best of Muay Thai Camps in Thailand?

Muay Thai training is getting huge popular these days all thanks to its excellent fitness benefits. Albeit people take to Muay Thai training to hone up their kickboxing skills yet a large part of populace are interested in the famous Thai martial art as a means to achieve their desired fitness goals. If you are too interested in learning the Muay Thai skills, head to Suwit Muay Thai. It’s a distinguished Phuket based Thai kick boxing training camp extending Muay Thai training in Thailand for as many as 25 years and more.

Suwit is said to one of the best kick boxing training camps in Thailand which is always open to accommodate interested candidates from any country over the globe. Over the years, the famous camp and its skilled seasoned trainers have taught the Muay Thai skills to many visitors from several countries around like UK, USA, Australia, Japan, Sweden, Italy, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, South Korea, India and more. It’s good to stress here that the famous training camp never imposes any restrictions regarding the age or gender of the candidate. Moreover, people with any level of Muay Thai skill and knowledge are welcome to undertake training here. Whether you are novice or a pro, Suwit has its doors opened for everybody.

There are different training packages to pick from. If you can afford there is a wholesome package with training plus private accommodation facility which comes around 11,000 Baht for a month. Another one is 9000 Baht for a month which comprises of the training part only. The training sessions will be twice a day. Suwit has also arranged for some recreational facilities so that the trainees can relish their break after tiring training classes at the famous Muay Thai camp.

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