Perfect holiday with Croyde cottages

For a very enjoyable and memorable holiday in North Devon, you might want to consider the Croyde cottages that are available in the area. These cottages are the ideal choice when it comes to holiday accommodation and can surely add more to your trip. There are several reasons why you should choose renting a cottage in Croyde when you head off for a holiday inNorth Devon.

Access to the beach

Most of the cottages available for rent are located right next to the beach. The golden sands are just a stones throw away, so you can enjoy the sun and the sea right outside your bedroom. You won’t have to contend with noisy tourists and strangers that normally populate resorts and hotels. Croyde cottages are very private, secured, and personal, which is why they are so highly recommended for a holiday with your family or special someone.

While in Croyde, there will be times when you will have the beach completely to yourself, something that simply doesn’t happen in busy resorts. All this means you can have a much more memorable holiday, what with the sea, beach and the smell of everything good right at your doorstep.  Staying in a rented cottage beats staying in a hotel every time.


When you go for a holiday or a short weekend with someone you love, you want it to be perfect and romantic. This is what you get if you rent out Croyde cottages, because they are private and personalised. You don’t have to worry about other people bothering you on your specials days and nights. You can stay in your cottage or lounge on the beach, or have a romantic night out right under the stars. You can do almost everything you want in Croyde cottages, and you can focus on each other while celebrating your love.

Croyde Cottages self-catering options

Seven-Skies offer a more personalised and customised holiday experience with their self-catering option. The Croyde self-catering cottages offer luxurious accommodation option recommended for honeymoons, special weekends and other holiday occasions. The rental cottages are right in the heart of Croyde village which allow all visitors unlimited access to the beauty of the Saunton Sands.

Self- catering cottages also ensures that your personalised preferences are followed to make your holiday extra special and one of a kind. Take a look at the Seven-Skies portfolio to get a better idea of what to expect from your holiday.

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