Taking a Mini-Vacation in Newcastle, Australia

There are hundreds of things to do while visiting Newcastle, Australia so why not make it a mini-vacation that can be taken any weekend of the year? Some of the best places to visit in Newcastle include the beaches, restaurants, wine gardens, historical museums, and outdoor attractions. In 2011, Lonely Planet named Newcastle the number 9 city in the world to visit. The city also hosts a vibrant nightlife with lots of local pubs and bars to frequent and sample.

Visiting Newcastle is easy for any person or group by simply renting a car for the day and taking off to explore the countryside for a mini-vacation. There are several places to rent a vehicle whether a person owns a car or not, a trip to Newcastle is easy to plan. Newcastle has many miles of beaches, like Dixon Park Beach, to sunbathe, swim, fish, and explore. There are many local festivals, outdoor farmers markets, and airy cafe’s to take a break or find something special to take home. During July, the Shoot Out 24 Hour Film Making Festival is open and makes for a fun afternoon event. In August, the Newcastle Jazz Festival spends three days delighting music lovers from all over the world. The This is Not Art Festival is held every year in October giving attendees a chance to experience many kinds of creative music and artwork.

Eating is one of the favorite past times of visitors who frequent Newcastle. The city has a host of cafes, diners, restaurants, fine dining establishments, and exquisite meals. Some of the top places to visit include Estabar Gelati and Espresso Bar, Scratchley’s on the Wharf, Silo Restaurant and Lounge, and King Street Hotel Nightclub. After dining, catch a game of rugby, netball, go ice skating or horseback riding, and catch a hockey game before returning home. Newcastle owns several championship sports teams that offer quite an exciting time during games.

There are also many historical sites to see in Newcastle. Some of the most frequented are King Edward Park, Newcastle Museum, Outback Art, Wickham Motorcycle Company, Yamuloong Centre, Christ Church Cathedral, and Convict Lumberyard. Another popular place is Hunter Street in the downtown area because of all the small shops, local markets, and frequent visitors. Newcastle makes a great tourist destination; perfect for any mini-vacation or week long vacation. There are many sights, attractions, buildings, and sporting events to attend.

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