Top Ten UK Destinations for Hen Nights

Coming up with hen night ideas can be a frustrating task, especially if you have quite a few friends who want to join in and you just have no idea what you want to do or how to entertain everyone. There are several destinations throughout the United Kingdom that have great catering opportunities for lucky hens.

Have no fear; the following list includes ten major locations for hen nights as well as their ‘popular’ activity that is recommended by many previous hens that have had an excellent time.

1) Aberdeen

The third most populous city in Scotland, Aberdeen is a large city that has a history of over 8,000 years and its population numbers over 200,000, making it a dense urban centre with many activities for any hopeful hen. Aberdeen is well known for its clubbing hen atmosphere as well as cocktail making.

2) Glasgow

Taking the throne of being the highest population city in all of Scotland, Glasgow has a strong culture of being a site for enlightenment and expansion for its local people throughout the past several centuries. Glasgow has a popular clubbing and pole dancing hen party atmosphere.

3) Bristol

A strong sea port and boasting as the largest centre of culture and education in the local region, Bristol has a population of around 433,000 and has a strong market for creative media, electronics, and aerospace. The docks themselves are known for its heritage and culture significance now. Bristol is an excellent destination if you’re interested in eating well, dancing with friends, and waking up to breakfast.

4) Leeds

Leeds has a population of over 750,000 and is the economic centre of the West Yorkshire area. Most large businesses likely have offices here for business, legal, and financial services if they can’t be found in London. That’s not all, as Leeds also has an excellent massage and spa service for hen parties.

5) London

The jewel of the entire United Kingdom, London’s bustling 8,300,000 population lives among the greatest architecture, culture, and education that can be sought after, as well as being a significant hub for commerce and corporate interests. With such glamour, you can’t help but expect that one of the more popular London hen parties tend to be ‘luxury’ – Champagne, hearty meals, and first class spas!

6) Bournemouth

Bournemouth rests on the coast of southern England with a reasonable population size of over 180,000. It is the largest settlement in all of Dorset and is a popular destination for tourists, both international and local. You will have no problem finding activities such as clubbing and comedy shows here.

7) Birmingham

With only London beating it in size, Birmingham has over 1,000,000 citizens within its city borders and has evidence of human activity for over 500,000 years, making it a place painted richly with history and culture. One of Birmingham’s most popular activities for a hen party is pole dancing.

8) Edinburgh

A popular destination for cocktail mixing and Dirty Dancing performances, Edinburgh has a population of over 495,000 and is the capital city of Scotland. Edinburgh has an excellent reputation for its schooling, so it’s only understandable that tired students and excited hens have an excellent way to relieve stress and have a good time.

9) Manchester

One of the most popular cities in the United Kingdom, Manchester has many things going for it. Sports teams, excellent education, and overly dense with tourists from both outside the nation and inside. On top of this, however, Manchester has an excellent market for hen parties by offering several Burlesque experiences, be it performances or lessons to learn the dance yourself.

10) York

York is situated between two rivers and has a population of around 137,000. Being an old hub for the railway network, the occupational distribution of York has gone from railway and confectionery to health services and tourism. Hens looking for a good time may enjoy the widely popular boat cruise where you can party and relax.

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