What You Should Take On A Coach Trip

A coach trip is fast becoming one of the most popular holiday choices. There are many reasons for this: firstly, for the many of us with limited budgets it affords an enjoyable and varied experience without necessarily having to go abroad. Going by coach also means you can sit back, enjoy the scenery and leave the driving to somebody else. Many travel operators will also offer trips with plenty of stop-offs along the way so you get to see a variety of different places. You will also get to meet plenty of like-minded people and it’s perfect if you have limited mobility because coach trips offer local pick-up points and modern vehicles will have excellent disabled facilities.

So that, in a nutshell, is why coach trips are so popular. But as with any holiday you should come well prepared for the journey, even if a lot of the hassle has already been taken out of it for you. Here are just some of the items you should remember when you’re packing for your trip:

  • Entertainment: Being able to enjoy the passing scenery and chatting to your fellow travellers are two of the aspects people like most about coach trips. But you still need to bring something to do to entertain yourself so you can switch off for a bit. An iPod or other music listening device is a must, as it allows you to cut off everything else around you and go into your own world for a bit. You may also want to bring along some books or magazines for quieter times, or perhaps a laptop. Some charter buses will even provide electrical outlets on board to let you charge up.
  • Hygiene: Unlike with air travel, there will be no restrictions on the amount of liquids you can bring on a charter bus and there should be plenty of room for luggage. Because you are likely to be sitting there in fairly close quarters for long stretches, make sure you pack toothbrushes, deodorants, face wipes, mouth washes and any other items you can think of to maintain your personal hygiene. Executive buses will have sinks on board so you can wash when you need to.
  • Comfort: Seats on modern commercial coaches tend to be very comfortable and allow you to lean back so you can have a nap. However, you could still enhance this further by bringing along pillows or blankets, especially if you will be travelling at night.
  • Snacks: If you’re on a long-distance chartered coach trip then you will no doubt be able to have a meal at the various stop-off points along the way. However, if this is not the case remember that commercial bus services will not offer you meals on-board so you should bring something with you to keep hunger at bay. Think cold snacks that can be easily transported such as sandwiches, crisps or fruit. Don’t bring anything with too strong an odour as this is likely to be unpleasant for your fellow passengers.
  • Medications: If you need any medications then you really have to remember to pack them somewhere within easy reach of where you are sitting on the coach as you may not be able to make emergency stops if you become ill. For example, asthmatics will need an inhaler with them and diabetics their insulin. It’s also a good idea to have some more basic medication with you, such as painkillers for headaches or motion sickness pills if you think you’re likely to suffer from this.
  • Money: If you’re going to be stopping off along the way at points of interest then you will need some form of payment to hand so you can make the most of it. Also, any tour guides or free passes you have can be brought along as they will no doubt come in handy.
  • Mobile Phone: Don’t be tempted to leave your phone and charger at home as you never know when you may need to contact somebody. You may remember something you forgot to do before you left, for example, or perhaps an emergency may arise in the course of the trip that you need to inform somebody at home about. After all, if you don’t want your phone to be constantly ringing you can always switch it off unless it’s needed.

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Summary: Coach trips are a very enjoyable way to travel, offering comfort, convenience and the chance to visit many different places en route. If you’re thinking about booking one for your holiday this year, here are some of the things you should remember to pack.

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